The Ultimate Guide To Transfer Everything From iPhone to Android

You switch from the iPhone to a new Android smartphone? If you’re used to the Apple ecosystem you understand that you have some apprehensions to find all your data, contacts and habits on your new device. Yet transferring everything is not as complicated as it sounds. Here’s the ultimate guide to transfer all data from your iPhone to your new device peacefully!

Nexus, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus and others Huawei attract you, while you were loyal to Apple? Many reasons can cause an Apple fan to drop the apple. There is the price, which can eventually calm down, brand flagship, the absence, for now, of AMOLED screens, the square design of the Apple Watch and its price, vs the round design of Android watches wear that are unfortunately only partially compatible with iOS.

Sure, moving from iOS to Android is a jump that can be confusing, But at the exit of the Ecosystem (with a big E like Apple) it is not the “chaos” that one imagines. Many solutions allow you to transfer everything without making too much of the chickweed. Google’s ecosystem is also, you will see, very powerful and well thought out. While being more open.

How to shift from iPhone to Android: transfer everything in a few steps

We will see in this guide how to transfer everything from your contacts to your music, photos and videos. In fact the only big difference with before is that you will use much more your Google account than iCloud.

Easily transfer all your contacts and phone numbers

If you’ve tried the operation without knowing this trick, you’ve probably already downloaded a slew of useless apps. There is however a somewhat hacked feature of iCloud and Gmail, but maliciously effective. Of course it is assumed that you have already created an account with Google and that you also use Gmail, and that you have logged in with the same Google account in the new smartphone.

In fact, your Google contacts are automatically synchronized with your Android smartphone in the same way that your iPhone synchronizes everything with iCloud. Transferring everything here means adding your iCloud contacts to your Google account:

  • Go to and sign in to your account
  • Go to Contacts
  • Press Ctrl + A or Cmd + A if you are on Mac to select all your contacts
  • Click the trackwheel in the lower left corner
  • From the menu choose Export vCard … to export all your contacts in this format
  • Go to your Gmail box on
  • In the upper left corner, click Gmail> Contacts
  • Click Import Contacts … and choose the vCard file you downloaded from iCloud

In a few minutes, all your contacts should appear on your new Android smartphone!

How to upload photos and videos

The simplest here is to use Google Photos that you will use all the time on Android smartphone vote.

  • Install Google Photos from the App Store on your iPhone
  • At the first launch you will see this screen: be sure to check Backup and synchronization
  • The following screen also deserves your attention, because you can choose to compress these pictures or not (at the expense of quality)
  • Touch  Continue
  • Connect your iPhone to a WiFi network and wait for everything to be uploaded

You’ll find all your photos and videos on the Google Photos app on your Android smartphone!

How to transfer all your music

Say goodbye to iTunes! That said, will you really regret it? There are many possibilities to transfer all your music to your Android smartphone. The simplest is probably to plug your smartphone into USB to your computer and copy your mp3 directly.

The Big advantage, you can also read Flac with an appropriate application (VLC for example). In addition, there are as many streaming applications on iOS and Android: you will find Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, of course, Pandora and even Apple Music if this service has your preference (yes, Apple put it on Play Store!).